'Capitalizing on Distressed Opportunities' Webinar

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Virtual - Zoom


Topic: Capitalizing on Distressed Opportunities – Strategies to Value and Finance Your Distressed M&A Deal in these Unprecedented Times

“Distressed” is not a four-letter word. With many companies in distress these days, there are opportunities for buyers, and business owners with the right partners, to capitalize on these unprecedented times. This webinar consists of panelists that have decades of experience working with distressed companies and distressed M&A. The panelists will discuss some options for businesses in distress, unique aspects of distressed M&A, and considerations to properly value and finance your deal. Within the limited time allotted you will become familiar with key concepts and options that will better enable you to capitalize on distressed opportunities.

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Carollynn Callari
Callari Partners LLC
Managing Member


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Dan Arnold
Hilco Global
Senior Vice President
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Jared Grigg
Crystal Financial
Managing Director
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Jason Whitt
Sand River Capital Advisors LLC
President and Managing Director
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Mark D. Podgainy
Getzler Henrich & Associates, LLC
Managing Director
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Michael Grad
Managing Director


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