June 11th at 11:45 AM

Charlotte: Deal Sourcing Roundtable


Virtual Platform (details will be provided to attendees)


This event starts on Thursday June 11th at 11:45 AM EDT.


Opus Connect is excited to announce its newest format, Deal Sourcing Roundtable event in Charlotte between capital providers and investment banks. This exclusive event includes a slightly different setup than our typical highly interactive rotations of brief one-on-one meetings. This new, more intimate format can assist in generating better- quality deal flow and help to forge more meaningful relationships. 

The event will be hosted over lunch and will enable 8 capital providers to meet with 8-12 regional investment bankers in a group setting with an hour and a half of private networking for all participants. All attendees are pre-selected to ensure quality and facilitate deal making in an efficient manner.

If you'd like to sign up please click "Register Now" below. Please note that registering does not guarantee your attendance, and a brief introductory phone call may be scheduled by Opus Connect staff. Your card will not be charged until your ticket is approved by Opus Connect staff.

Time: 11:45am - 2:45pm

Benefits for participants:

  • Meet a group of pre-selected regional investment bankers and capital providers firms located across the country 
  • Save time finding deal partners
  • Intimate setting provides the opportunity to forge more meaningful relationships
  • Sponsorship opportunities available


(early pricing ends April 30th)

Capital Providers       

                                 Early            Late             

Members                 $500           $750     
Non-members         $1,000         $1,500       

  • Priority for Capital Providers will be given to Opus Connect members. Non-members will be placed on a wait-list and accepted at the non-member price if there is space available.
  • All attendees must pre-register. Absolutely no walk-ins will be accepted.
  • Attendance is limited to one individual per firm

By Invitation Only
Opus Connect is a membership-based organization.
If you have any queries, please contact terrence@opusconnect.com
*Opus Connect adheres to a strict no cancellations, no refunds, no application of registration fees to future events policy.
Qualified substitutions are accepted. To send a substitute, please notify terrence@opusconnect.com
**Opus Connect reserves the right to refuse entry to prospective attendees



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Event Over
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