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Topic: Carve-Outs – High Risks, High Returns

Carve-out transactions are likely to increase because of Covid-related economic stress (carve-outs occur when a large parent company decides to sell off a unit). Carve-outs represent a great opportunity for the buyer to make excess risk-adjusted returns, but carve-out transactions, especially during the pandemic-caused lockdown, carry additional risks and complexity. This panel will offer various perspectives on Carve-outs including sell-side market dynamics, the PE buy-side perspective, and the execution/operational perspective. Our panelists will emphasize real world situations and ‘war-stories’ to provide the audience with information to identify and successfully execute Carve-out investment opportunities. Panel will also discuss HR, IT, Finance carve-out considerations and tactics. We will also discuss how specialized Carve-out advisors can streamline the acquisition process.

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Pradeep Khurana
ContinuServe, LLC
Managing Director


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Andrew Bushell
Cornerstone Capital Holdings
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Benjamin Perkins
Managing Partner
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Diane Albano
Globalization Partners
Chief Revenue Officer
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Scott Porter
Brightwood Capital Advisors
Managing Director


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