June 10th at 11:30 AM

June LP Webinar: NYC Chapter


Ice Miller
Virtual - Zoom Webinar


This event starts on Wednesday June 10th at 11:30 AM EDT.


Topic: First Time Fundraise – What to Expect in a COVID -19 World

Raising a first time private equity fund is not easy, as first time fund managers are often surprised on how long it may take to get to an initial close, but it becomes especially challenging during a pandemic. This panel will explore (i) LP investors’ attraction to first time funds (as first time funds tend to outperform follow on funds), (ii) the extensive due diligence process conducted by institutional LPs, (iii) the advantage GPs can give themselves in preparing for the due diligence process and (iv) fundraising during COVID-19. Please join our panel of experts and audience of M&A professionals for an in-depth discussion.

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Thomas Kesoglou
Ice Miller


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Ami Samuels
Gatewood Capital Partners
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Marc der Kinderen
747 Capital
Managing Partner
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Stephan Connelly
Star Mountain Capital


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