Middle Market Deal Connect



Opus Connect is excited to announce its second Deal Connect focused exclusively on companies valued over $15 MM in EBITDA. The event will take place in a virtual format and feature one-on-one meetings between capital providers and investment bankers from all over the US and Canada. There will also be an interactive webinar, sponsor presentations, and “cocktail hour”. All attendees are pre-selected to ensure quality and facilitate deal-making in an efficient manner. 

This event is one of over 20 virtual Deal Connects presented by Opus Connect in the second half of 2020. Please click the Register Now button on the bottom left to sign up. Note that your card is not charged and you’re not officially registered until your ticket is approved by a member of our staff.

Benefits for participants: 

  • Meet a range of investment bankers and capital providers firms located across the country through concentrated and efficient one-on-one meetings and a virtual networking reception
  • Save time finding deal partners: 12 meetings, each strictly 20 minutes long
  • Webinar featuring several of our sponsors during lunch with Q&A
  • Receive contact information and firm profiles for all Deal Connect attendees
  • Sponsorship opportunities for added exposure are available


"Congrats on hosting a first class event. A very efficient way to interact with a lot of people."  
         - Bill Kidd – Founder, Kidd & Company    

"That was one of the better events I have attended. Ironically the forum was more conducive than less. Well done. On top of everything the tech functioned very well."  
         - Kevin Groff – Senior VP, US Bank 


 (Early registration ends Oct. 22nd)

Deal Connect          Capital Providers           Investment Banks   

                                 Early          Late               Early          Late

Members                 $750       $950             $200          $300  

Non-Members         $1,150      $1,350           $300          $400   

  • Additional attendees are assessed a $100 fee.
  • If a wait list becomes necessary, priority will be given to Opus Connect members.
  • All attendees must pre-register. Zoom details will only be shared with official registrants.

By Invitation Only

Opus Connect is a membership-based organization.
If you have any queries, please contact terrence@opusconnect.com     
*Opus Connect adheres to a strict no cancellations, no refunds, no application of registration fees to future events policy.     
Qualified substitutions are accepted. To send a substitute, please notify terrence@opusconnect.com     
**Opus Connect reserves the right to refuse entry to prospective attendees


December 3rd
Break to Prep for Meetings
Deal Connect Meetings
Sponsor Presentations/Break
Deal Connect Meetings Cont'd
Networking Breakout Rooms/Cocktail Hour


Virtual Platform (details will be provided to attendees)



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