June 9th at 11:30 AM

NYC June Webinar: Capital


Zoom Meeting


This event starts on Tuesday June 9th at 11:30 AM EDT.


Topic: Is Capital Sitting on the Sidelines or Eager to go to Work?

Is Money Sitting on the Sidelines or Eager to go to Work? How are bankers and investors looking at the world of deals given the market uncertainty? Go to market, invest or wait? While many M&A deal processes have been shelved and the Delaware courts are filling up with broken-deal cases, particularly those in the hardest-hit industries, bankers are nevertheless pushing forward with deals in less affected or positively impacted industries, and launching processes into this market, and investors remain interested and focused. Investors continue to actively look at deals, and seem willing to accept virtual management presentations rather than waiting for in-person meetings. The panel will discuss their real-time experience navigating through this new (hopefully, temporary) normal.

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Steve Siesser
Lowenstein LLP
Chairman, Specialty Finance Group


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David Meis
Innovation Advisors
Managing Director
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James B. Rybakoff
Akin Bay
CEO & Co-Founder
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Peter Reiter
RFE Investment Partners
Managing Director, Business Development
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Scott Porter
Brightwood Capital Advisors
Managing Director


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