May 26th at 2:00 PM

NYC Webinar: Business Planning Strategies


Zoom Meeting


This event starts on Tuesday May 26th at 2:00 PM EDT.


Topic: Business Planning Strategies in Uncertain Times

The current turmoil in most industries makes conventional business planning tools less relevant to predict the development of a company. What do industry leaders do to address this challenge and prepare planning scenarios that all stakeholders can rely on?
 Join our group of experts to discuss important questions around this topic: 

  • What impact will the ‘new normal’ have on the credibility of business plans?
  • How does business planning have to change to provide meaningful forecasts?
  • Which additional/different parameters (internal and external) will need to be considered for the planning?
  • How can additional planning tools like business simulations help to increase the effectiveness of business planning?
  • How to consider disruptive events in the business planning?

Moderated by Martin Wentzel from American Industrial Acquisition Corporation, a distressed investor focused on middle market transactions.

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Martin Wentzel
American Industrial Acquisition Corporation
Operating Partner


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Cynthia Romano
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Rick Brawn
GenNx360 Capital Partners
Operating Partner
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Sean Ozbolt
The Riverside Company
Managing Partner


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