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Topic: Deals in the Time of the Pandemic – Valuation Challenges and Opportunities

COVID-19 has swept across the globe, accelerating or causing substantial economic dislocation for some businesses, while others are not just surviving but thriving. As with business in general, the uncertainty regarding the pandemic has impacted the deal environment in ways that we are stilling grappling with. However, rapid change gives rise to opportunity for those investors that can be nimble and innovative, and with record “dry powder,” there will be significant pressure to deploy capital. Join us as we discuss ways in which to find bridges to close deals while mitigating uncertainty risk in today’s middle market. 

During this webinar, panelists will explore the current challenges and opportunities parties will endure as they approach new deals, negotiations and valuation, including: 

  1. Working Capital Adjustments – Risk Mitigation
  2. Multiples after COVID
  3. Current Credit Availability and Turns
  4. Earn Outs and Increased Equity Roll to bridge valuation challenges
  5. Market Dislocation / Distressed Deals

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Ryan Udell
White & Williams LLP


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Jessica Ginsberg
LFM Capital
Director, Business Development
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Patrick Floeck
Valesco Industries
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Robert Birdsey
GreenFront Energy Partners
Managing Director
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Stephen Klein
Carriage Hill
Managing Director


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