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Topic: COVID Six Months Later: What Have We Learned and What is the New Reality?

It’s been six months since COVID-19 hit and the US went into lockdown. How did bankers and investors react and what did they expect back in March? What came to fruition and what didn’t? What have we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and current civil unrest, and their impact on the market and businesses? As the US continues to open back up, we will reflect on the last six months and look ahead to the next six months (and beyond). The panel of seasoned M&A professionals will discuss their deal experiences; new solutions, strategies and trends that might be here to stay; industries that outperformed expectations and are poised for continued success; and positive outcomes, perhaps unexpected, from the adversity presented by 2020.

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Joseph J. Machi
Duane Morris LLP


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Carrie DiLauro
Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners
Director, Operations
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Daniel Sirvent
Corporate Finance Associates
Managing Director
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Stefan Okhuysen
CVF Capital Partners
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Stuart Moss
Keystone Capital Markets
Managing Director


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