SoCal Deal Connect: Investment Banks (IN PERSON)

- Los Angeles


Opus Connect is excited to announce its SoCal Deal Connect speed-networking event with investment banks. This exclusive IN PERSON event is hosted by Kirkland & Ellis LLP in Los Angeles and includes highly interactive rotations between capital providers and investment bankers from all over the US and Canada. All attendees are pre-selected to ensure quality and facilitate deal-making in an efficient manner. 

This event is one of over 20 Deal Connects presented by Opus Connect in the first half of 2022. Please click the Register Now button on the bottom left to sign up. Note that your card is not charged and you’re not officially registered until your ticket is approved by a member of our staff.

Proof of vaccination is a requirement for attendance. All approved attendees are expected to attend all scheduled meetings for the day. Missing three or more meetings will be treated as a 'no-show' and therefore subject to the no-show fee. Please reach out to an Opus Connect team member if further clarification is needed.

Registration: 12:30pm – 1:00pm
Meetings: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Break: 3:00pm - 3:30pm
Meetings: 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Cocktail Reception: 5:30pm - 7:00pm    

Benefits for participants:  

  • Meet a range of investment bankers and capital providers firms located across the country through concentrated and efficient one-on-one meetings and a networking reception  
  • Save time finding deal partners: 12 meetings, each strictly 20 minutes long    
  • Sponsorship opportunities available  


"Congrats on hosting a first class event. A very efficient way to interact with a lot of people."  
         - Bill Kidd – Founder, Kidd & Company    

"10/12 meetings are on point, highly relevant networking contacts - of which 3 or 4 have deals we follow up on."
        - Allan Marzen – Managing Director, White Oak Global Advisors


 (Early registration ends May 2nd)

Deal Connect          Capital Providers           Investment Banks

                                   Early          Late                       Early          Late

Members                 $1,250      $1,450                    $200           $300  

Non-Members        $1,650      $1,850                     $300           $400    

  • Additional attendees are assessed a $100 fee.
  • If a wait list becomes necessary, priority will be given to Opus Connect members.
  • All attendees must pre-register. Zoom details will only be shared with official registrants.

By Invitation Only

Opus Connect is a membership-based organization.
If you have any queries, please contact     
*Opus Connect adheres to a strict no cancellations, no refunds, no application of registration fees to future events policy.     
Qualified substitutions are accepted. To send a substitute, please notify     
**Opus Connect reserves the right to refuse entry to prospective attendees


June 15th
Deal Connect Meetings
Sponsor Presentations/Break
Deal Connect Meetings Cont'd
Cocktail Reception


Kirkland & Ellis LLP
2049 Century Park East
Suite 3700
Los Angeles, CA, 90067


Additional Attendee: $100
Investment Bank (Late): $300
Capital Provider (Late): $1,850
Silver Event Sponsor: $5,000
Gold Event Sponsor : $7,500



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Event Over
This event has concluded.