Ukraine Relief: Fundraiser and Mixer

- Los Angeles


Opus Connect and Michelman & Robinson, LLP stand with the people of Ukraine and are passionately opposed to the unlawful and appalling attack on their freedom. Building and uplifting community has always remained at the forefront of everything we do at Opus Connect and in support of this ethos and the humanitarian efforts happening around the world, Opus Connect and Michelman & Robinson, LLP are joining forces to host a Fundraiser and Mixer for Ukrainian relief at Plaza La Reina Hotel in Westwood, Los Angeles.

Many who are a part of Opus Connect know that our founder and CEO, Lou Sokolovskiy, is Ukrainian born and was raised in Russia before moving to Los Angeles in 1992. The war between these two countries has struck an emotional cord and it feels significant to contribute as a wider community.

Our firms have identified two organizations that are supporting Ukrainian relief efforts and 100% of all proceeds from this event will be split and donated directly to each of these organizations: RAZOM and The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JCD).

Michael Weiss, an internationally respected investigative journalist, will join us to speak about his most recent experience in Ukraine. Michael Weiss has covered the wars in Syria and now Ukraine, and has published widely on Russian espionage and disinformation. Currently the News Director at New Lines Magazine, Michael is the co-author of New York Times bestseller ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror. He is a regular guest on MSNBC and has appeared on CNN, the BBC, and Real Time with Bill Maher. Michael lives in New York City.

If you are a member of the M&A community and would like to join us for a meaningful evening filled with good company, delicious food & drinks, and purposeful conversation, please select your desired donation level to confirm your ticket. We understand that while many will want to support, not all will be able to join in person. A representative of Opus Connect will be in touch to confirm your attendance. 

Additionally, if you prefer to donate directly to either one of the above organizations and not 'purchase' a ticket here, please provide Opus Connect with a donation receipt (minimum $50 donation) made within the month of June 2022, and we will add your name to the list. You may email it directly to Lena Dobreer ( Complimentary self-parking will be provided at the hotel. Capacity is limited.

Thank you for your support! 

By Invitation Only
Opus Connect is a membership-based organization. If you have any queries, please contact 
*Opus Connect adheres to a strict no cancellations, no refunds, no application of registration fees to future events policy. Qualified substitutions are accepted. To send a substitute, please notify 
*Opus Connect reserves the right to refuse entry to prospective attendees



Plaza La Reina Rooftop
10850 Lindbrook Dr.
Los Angeles, CA, 90024


Supporter: $100
Bronze: $250
Silver: $500
Gold: $1,000
Platinum: $2,500



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